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Why is it important to use Eco-Friendly Products?

No toxic chemicals = No toxic Residue or Fumes 

Responsibility for our planet is key to keep it green and safe for future generations to come. 

We use what nature has given us! Essential Oils, fresh Thyme, Organic Lemon, Baking Soda and Vinegar, all that are our planets gifts to us! They clean amazingly and smell great, did we mention they sanitize and clean better then the toxic chemicals that hurt our planet? 

Do your part to help your health and that of your loved ones and clients! Clean out your home or business from toxic fumes and chemicals, start by using Gaia exceptional cleaning solutions today! 

Gaia Team Members= Safety and Reliability 

Here at Gaia CS we want to always exceed our customers expectations which is why we always go above and beyond to ensure your home or business is more then just clean..We train our staff to organize as they clean, to leave special touches in every room they touch, and to double check every inch of their work to ensure nothing is overlooked. Each and every job will be overseen by a managing supervisor to ensure quality service every time. Low turn over establishes confidence in our teams effectiveness and ability. 

~~We require all managers to maintain workers compensation/ Business Liability Insurances 

for our clients protection. ~~

Client Built Cleaning Packaging= Workable Pricing

We will work with every client to ensure our services are structured to both your cleaning priorities and your budgeting needs. Our personalized scheduling allows our clients to get the most from our services, and simple straight forward pricing ensures there are no surprises. 

Pricing Options:

 All Re-occurring services receive discounted rates! 

Teams are Always Lead by a manager and 2-3 assistant cleaners.

1 Cleaner = 1 Man Hour 

All cleanings are DEEP cleanings :) 

~Cleaning Pricing~

6 man hours $199 (up to 1200 sq ft)

8 man hours $249 (up to 1600 sq ft)

9 man hours $279 (up to 2000 sq ft)

12 man hours $369 (up to 2400 sq ft)

15 man hours $459 (up to 2800 sq ft)

18 man hours $549 (up to 3400 sq ft)

21 man hours $639 (up to 4000 sq ft)

24 man hours $729 (up to 4600 sq ft)

**Move in/ out services Add $30 and include:

 -Inside of all cabinets, drawers, closets, interior windows, 

-Behind/ underneath/ interiors of all appliances. 

**We do NOT clean mini blinds or vertical blinds to avoid liability of possible damage

***We do NOT clean walls unless requested

** Vacation Rental Cleans Add $30 and include:

-Inside Fridge and Oven

-Washing/ Drying all linens/ towels

-Re-Stocking All supplies

** Please note: These items are cleaned upon REQUEST only**

~Exterior Windows 

(screens must be removed/ no 2nd story) Priced per window

~Patio areas/ Garage Spaces $25 additional

~ Under sink cabinets (please request)

~BBQ's ($50 charge)

~Inside Oven or Fridge $20 Each 

(freezer will not be cleaned unless defrosted)

**Please Note: if additional time is needed the charge is $30 per person per hour

Online Discounted Packages!  

Please use Sq ft limitations listed above to ensure we have enough time to do a quality job!

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