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Exceeding Our Clients Expectations is Our Goal!

Gaia Cleaning Specialist is your full service go to company for all business and residential cleaning needs! 

Our services are customizable for each client.


We also guarantee our cleanings with our 24 hour; 100% Client Satisfaction Promise!

Our staff provides all the equipment necessary and we use ONLY eco-friendly natural cleaning products made by us; both for the safety of our clients and our planet!

Gaia Cleaning Specialists Serving our Clients in Las Vegas, NV - Tucson, AZ - Phoenix, AZ

Please call if you have concerns you may not be in our service area!


Precautions we are taking for in home cleanings:

We will under no circumstance allow a worker that is sick or has any flu-like symptoms to come to work.

Cleaning crews will sanitize hands prior to entering your home.

Team members will disinfect the things they touch before entering your home 

(mop handles, vacuum handles, tote handles, etc.)

As always, towels are always clean and sanitized daily.

While in your home we will pay special attention to disinfecting all your often-touched surfaces 

throughout your home, such as door knobs. light switches, and door jams. 

We are NO longer mandating masks for our vaccinated workers.. 

We will be happy to have them mask up upon request. 



Cleaning for every business and home! 

Quality services with highly trained and friendly professionals. 

Our contractors are ALWAYS Licensed and Insured. 

Here is some of the services we offer. Don't see what you need? Don't worry we still may be able to help you! Please Call and speak to our office staff!

Move Out Cleans

Vacation Rental Cleans

Corporate Housing Cleans

Offices/ Schools

Residential Services

Apartment Resets

Gaia Services:

Please note all services are customizable. 

Move Out/ Apartment Reset Cleaning

* Full cleaning/ Sanitizing of Bathroom/ Living areas

* Full detail of interior/exterior microwave and stove top

* Clean/polish kitchen and appliances

*Clean interiors of appliances, move appliances and clean behind and underneath.

* Clean insides/ outsides of all cabinets, drawers and closets.

* Clean all ceiling fans, window sills, clean blinds, and clean interior window panes.

* Clean all baseboards, Clean all light fixtures and switches.

* Empty all garbage bins

* Clean and sanitize all floor surfaces/ edges

* Vacuum all carpets and edges

* Extra Attention to all door frames, knobs, and handles

*Upon request clean exterior patio/ garage or front areas. 

Vacation/Corporate Rental Cleaning

* Full cleaning and Sanitizing of all Bathrooms/ Living Areas

* Full detail of interior/exterior microwave and stove top

* Clean/polish full kitchen, appliances, and fixtures

* Clean interiors of fridge/ oven, remove any left items

* Clean outsides of all cabinets and drawers

* Clean all ceiling fans, window sills, and dust blinds

* Clean all baseboards, Clean all switches, Clean all light fixtures

* Clean and Dust all decor, pictures, tables, and shelves.

* Empty all garbage bins

* Clean and sanitize all floor surfaces, and edges (steam mop offered)

* Vacuum all carpets and edges

*Restock all supplies

*Wash and replace all linens/ towels/ rugs

*Take inventory and check for damage

*Sweep and Clean all patio areas including BBQ's

Office/ Business Cleaning 

*Clean and Sanitize all office spaces

*Clean all conference room areas

*Clean reception area and waiting room

*Clean all glass windows and doors

*Clean and Sanitize any kitchen spaces, including interior of microwave 

*Clean and Sanitize Bathrooms

*Vacuum and Mop all floor surfaces including edging

*Empty all garbage receptacles

School/ Janitorial Cleaning

*Clean and Sanitize all public areas

*Spot clean walls

*Clean and Sanitize all floors

*Clean any surfaces requested

*Clean and Sanitize bathrooms

*Clean all switches and light fixtures

*Clean all glass windows/ doors

*Empty all garbage 

*Re-stock any necessary items

*Report any damages or items needed for repair. 

Residential Deep Cleaning

*Clean and Sanitize all bathrooms

*Clean Stove-Top, Microwave, All kitchen Counters

*Clean Fronts of ALL kitchen cabinets and drawers

*Clean all floors, including baseboards

*Clean all surfaces, including Decor & Blinds

*Clean all switches and light fixtures

*Clean all interior window panes and glass doors

*Empty all garbage bins

*Change Bed Linens upon request, Make Beds

*Move all small items and clean behind/ underneath

*Any SPECIAL requests you may have!!

Residential Maintenance Cleaning

*Weekly, Bi-weekly, Every 3 weeks or Monthly Service offered. 

*Personal File started for all homes so requests are done each and every visit!

*Email Reminders, And Text Message Updates

*Free extras for our regular clients!

*Discounted rates for pre-pay and regular visits

*Full Deep Cleaning Service or Basic Cleaning Service offered!

*Any SPECIAL requests you may have are built right into your pricing!

*Easy Payments via check, cash, or Credit Card

Please Call Today to Book Your Service

What our clients are saying...

Our home was a disaster from top to bottom. They came in and right away began tackling this mess. We were treated with dignity and respect, they were very polite. Truly a Godsend. We had asked for the kitchen, living room, bathroom and kid's room to be done and everything was done way beyond our expectations. From walls to baseboards, ceiling to floors everyone is comfortably satisfied! The house looks as if we just moved in. Thank you so much :-)



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